Digital Training and Anti-Phishing

Effective digital training for your employees

Short weekly digital training through interactive emails with performance statistics for each employee included.

Innovative cloud concept to protect against phishing attacks by simulating real malicious emails that are actually spread in the Web and improving staff skills for Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or specific applications and procedures used in your company.

A variety of digital training modules

Choose a training module for your employees that best suits your company’s current needs

Next-generation training methods with guaranteed results

Innovative solutions for modern challenges

Exercybe is a solution for next-generation digital training based on the latest methods and techniques in the field, the development of which uses psychological aspects and technological innovations to achieve efficiency. The solution is targeted to all managers who want to manage well trained and responsible staff that would contribute to business success in the long run and reduce the risk of unintentional security gaps in the company.

What is Phishing?

Phishing attacks are the most common method of spreading malicious code, destroying data, and causing financial losses to a company. This happens through various forms of scam emails that aim to make the employee open an infected file or follow a link that leads to a fake website where passwords and sensitive data are stolen. Often, these viruses encrypt the infected company’s files, making them unusable. In order to decrypt them, companies are asked to pay hackers a ransom. Nevertheless, paying rarely solves the problem and most of the times the files are not possible to be recovered.

Why Phishing is dangerous?

  • According to a study executed by Verizon in 2019, in more than half of the cases, losses to companies due to a hacking attack exceeded $ 24,000. Europol reports 65% of all attacks start with a malicious email.
  • In 2020 even more sophisticated attacks and attempts for long-term damage are expected, including periodical requests for ransom or extortion of your customers ‘and partners’ data.
  • Conventional prevention methods such as firewalls or anti-spam filters can not guarantee reliability in phishing detection due to the wide variety of fraudulent emails and the frequent lack of signatures in the global databases.

How do we protect you?

Exercybe will protect you by eliminating the threat from the inside and by training your employees to reliably detect malicious emails. We simulate real hacker attacks by regularly sending copies of fraudulent emails to your staff. When an employee is tricked into opening an attached file or follows a malicious link, he is referred to a specialized portal with information that helps him understand his mistake, while at the same time trains him to recognize the type of fraudulent emails and shows him how to protect himself against future Phishing attempts. Thus, your employees are trained and your company is protected.

Guaranteed results

Our training is characterized by high efficiency because we use:

  • Simulations of real fraudulent emails, actually spread by hackers
  • Multimedia, interactive learning
  • Dynamic change in the type of attack in order to target the weaknesses of each employee individually
  • Realistic attacks and preventive training of employees how to recognize that specific attack
  • Detailed reports for reviewing the learning results of each employee

Why invest in employees knowledge?

In a growing competitive environment, quality of work and fast reaction are one of the key factors for successful business development. The competence of the employees and their skills to produce and maintain valuable products are of an increasing importance. Finding the right, highly qualified employees is a difficult and costly task.
Invest in your employees’ knowledge and respond to the challenges of the market with a well-trained team of professionals who can work quickly and efficiently with the software and other specialized products used in your company.

What do we offer?

Exercybe sends your employees interactive emails that train them to use more effectively office software such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint or specialized software and procedures that you use in your company. Our solution offers:

  • Multimedia, interactive training and tests, distributed through e-mails
  • Short, easy-to-use presentations that do not interfere with the workflow
  • Regular sending of training emails, which keeps your employees’ knowledge up-to-date
  • Dynamically-changing difficulty algorithms, which are tailored to the knowledge levels of each employee
  • Detailed reports for reviewing the results of each employee

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  • A team of professionals with extensive experience in the field of IT, cyber security, system integration and advanced training
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